Monday, May 25, 2009

To Update or Not To Update.

Some people asked me "When are you going to update your blog?"
Some people commented "Blog is what you have to keep on updating and not to be left for long."
But not even 'some' tries to understand the underlying meaning of 'writing' to me.

To write something means to be responsible on your writing.

Different people write for different purpose, and mine works as a tool for dakwah.
I'm not a perfect human. And everyday is a struggle for me in keeping my mind, soul, and body on the right path.
It's not easy~

Not updating the blog doesn't mean I got nothing to write.
There's the feeling of 'have to be responsible on your writing when you know your are not ready and have not achieve full understanding on the issue yet' that kept me from typing what i want to type.

"Slow and steady wins the race."

So let me be slow in writing, but gain full responsible on it.
Am still on my next post on Indonesia-Malaysia Mesra (",)

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